Evey: So, Carrma, ready for your walk?

Carrma: Nope. I’d rather finish my second breakfast.

Evey: Please?

Carrma: Well, if you insist. Just one last mouthful. Ah. Okay. Off we go!

Evey: Nice day, isn’t it? Sunny. A bit of a breeze. Watch that cactus, there.

Carrma, head up, ears pointed: Human. COYOTE! Right there on the road!

Evey: Oooh, neat. Hi coyote!

Coyote, looking at Carrma and Evey: Oh hai. Just passing through. Don’t mind me. -trots off-

Neighborhood dogs: Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

Carrma: EEEEK. We’re going home RIGHT NOW.

Evey: But he’s gone–

Carrma: RIGHT NOW, human. -hauls Evey back toward arena-

Evey: Don’t you want to finish your walk?

Carrma: Not when there are dangerous critters about. We go home NOW!

Evey: Okay, okay.

Carrma, near gate: I still get a treat, right?

Evey: Well, I suppose so.

Carrma: Nom nom nom.

Tia, at gate: Me too! Me too!

Evey: Sorry, dear. Not today.

Tia: Pooh. -wanders off-

Carrma: Ahh. Safe at home. Oh look, pieces of hay. And more hay. Ooh, look…

Evey: Bye, dear.


Help feed the ponies!

Khepera: That hay pile is getting low.

Carrma: That’s why the human is having a sale.

Khepera: What’s a sale?

Carrma: Human sez: 

The Feed the Fat White Ponies sale continues–now through Monday the 20th. Here’s the deal:

Writing mentoring, editing, and general word-related services are on sale. 5 hours for $180. For that you get whatever you need. Some of the things I can do for you and your project or ms.:

Read and comment on your submission package for agent or publisher (cover letter, synopsis, opening chapters). Usually this includes a go at the revision of the package, as well.

Help you develop a submission package from your ms. This can range from a master class in writing the synopsis to an in-depth edit of your opening chapters.

Five hours of chapter edits, from line edits to overall plot and structure. This usually covers about 20,000 words of text, depending on how detailed the edits turn out to be.

But that’s not all I can do. I can help you with your idea from the bottom on up, help you develop a plot and setting. Or I can help you with worldbuilding and research. Help you develop characters. Give you a short, individualized, customized course in plot, setting, characterization, dialogue.

Development of projects is one of my most favorite things to do. I love doing it, and I love seeing the results. If you’re stuck, if you’re not sure how to pull it together, if you’ve got a plot but the whole idea of the synopsis is presenting a big brick wall–that’s one of the things I really enjoy doing. Almost as much as the ponies enjoy eating. ;>

Camp Lipizzan is also on sale. A long weekend (or several weekdays) on a horse farm in southern Arizona, with hot and cold running Lipizzans. Horse Camp for Writers is one way we play it–a writing retreat in the desert with Fat White Ponies, with or without workshopping. We also do Camp Among the Lipizzans for non-writer-type people. Yoga Camp (coordinating with Desert Horse Yoga). Riding Camp (working with Desert Horse Equestrian, which teaches everything from dressage to sports massage). Book and pay a minimum of 4 nights/5 days at $475 per person, get a night free. This includes food (menu developed to your specifications–it’s farmhouse fare, like the lodgings, but it’s comfortable and we do our best to make it taste excellent), lodging (we have two guest rooms with shared bath), unlimited pony-petting time, and one White Horse Herd Yoga session.

Either one sound alluring? Questions? Email me at capriole at that gmail thing. I can also do shorter mentoring stints, and a shorter Camp (no free night, yes free yoga session).

That’s the short-term, watching the hay pile dwindle with alarming speed, wheezing at the cost of replacing it thing.

Here’s what’s happening real soon now, within the next week or two:

Kickstarter! I’ve had an offer I can’t refuse, from a very good young artist, and if this funds, we’ve got cover art and interior art. The project is a rewrite of a novel that will be published in ebook form by Book View Cafe. I’m having a great time developing rewards and bonuses. Things like art in various forms, bags o’ swag, additional stories, and if it goes far enough over goal–a printed edition.

The next step is a video to introduce the project. I believe it will have ponies. In fact I think it had better have ponies. The book is not a horse book per se, but there is a horse in it. (Of course.) Also a cat. And something else that you will have to wait to see. When I have the video, I’ll be ready to go live. For now I’m still working out details. Should take me another week to two weeks to firm it all up and put in the application at Kickstarter, but from what I’m seeing, this is the kind of project they like to do.

The beauty of Kickstarter is that it rewards small donors as well as big ones. (Psst–put in $5 and you get the ebook when it’s published.) I like that part of it very much.

Right now I’m thinking a 45-day Kickstarter–it gives people who get paid monthly a chance to get on board. I’d be interested in alternative suggestions or advice.

Please feel free to forward and share all this. I thank you. The ponies thank you. Pooka will even let you pull his tongue, if you make it here for Camp.


Capria: Today is my human’s birthday.

Khepera: Oooh. That means carrots.

Capria: We get carrots on our birthdays. Not human birthdays.

Khepera: I still want carrots. Think she’ll give us carrots anyway?

Capria: I’m going to give her a ride, and Pooka’s not going to wreck the fence. RIGHT, Pooka?

Pooka: No. Well, maybe not. Depends on how excited I get about the girls. Right, ladies? -sticks tongue out-

Pandora, Gabriella, Tia: -swoon-

Capria: HEY! Everybody behave and treat the human nice today, okay?

Herd: Okay!

Gullible human

Gabriella: Ah. Human. I see you are passing by with a pitchfork in the wheelbarrow. You know what you may do with that pitchfork, right? -poses-

Evey: Ah. Yes, your highness. -uses pitchfork to give G scritchies-

Gabriella: Thank you, human. Carry on. -goes to look for hay-

Ephiny, head over fence: You’re not leaving, are you, human?

Evey: Yes, dear. Time for me to go home.

Ephiny: But human, I’m certain you’ve forgotten something. -bats big pretty eyes-

Evey: No, I don’t think so.

Ephiny: I’m sure you have. -stares-

Evey: No, I’m not going to give you a cookie.

Ephiny: -stares-

Evey: No, I’m not–okay, I give up. Have a cookie.

Tia and Camilla: MINE! MINE! MINE!

Evey: Okay. You two too. And Capria. And Khepera.

Pooka: I’m cute I get one too! -sticks out tongue-

Evey: And Pooka.

Carrma: -stares-

Evey: I gave you two already, but here. And one for Pandora. And one for Gabriella.

Herd: -lickchewlickchew-

Evey, finally leaving: I’m not making a habit of this!

Carrma: Wanna bet?


Evey, in arena: -shakes halter- Hey Carrma!

Carrma: -looks up from hay- Oh HI human! Be right there. -wanders around other horses to reach human-

Evey: Good girl! You’re such a smart horse! -takes Carrma into grooming area-

Carrma: Ain’t I, though? Nom nom, second breakfast.

Evey: And you’re so nice and white and fuzzy. Foot, please.

Carrma: Here you go. And the next one. Nope, don’t want to lift that one, but you can have this one.

Evey: All of them, dear.

Carrma: If you insist. There. Time for our walk, human.

Evey: Yep. Walk! Hey. No stopping to much the bushes. That means that one. And that one. Though I will take you to your favorite tree for a bite.

Carrma: -lickchewlickchew-

Evey: Good girl. Nice walk. Cookie?

Carrma: COOKIE!

Ephiny, by gate: Ahem.

Evey: Here you go. Oh, wait. I thought you were your mother.

Ephiny: Mmmmm. Cookie. -goes zen-

Evey: You’re welcome, dear, but will you move so Carrma can get out?

Ephiny: Mmmm. Cooookie.

Carrma: I’m not going back out that way. See you, human.

Evey, locking gate: HEY! Wait for me! We’ll go around to the other gate, okay?

Carrma: Yep. You’re almost as smart as me, human.

Evey: There. You want a massage?

Carrma: Nope. I’d rather look for leftover hay. Bye, human.

Camilla: The humans are coming! The humans are coming!

Pooka: Good. They can admire me. -sticks tongue out-

Camilla: We’re doing yoga this Friday! Wheee! If it weren’t for me they wouldn’t be here at all.

Khepera: -snap- You mean if it weren’t for me they wouldn’t be here. I’m the one that brought the yoga human out to teach the younger human, remember?

Camilla: -pouts- I’m the one who asked her to come back. I’m the story pony. Yoga human said so.

Pandora: I’m the guru. She said that too. I showed her how we horses release our psoas by relaxing one hoof and she taught her humans how to do the same thing.

Camilla: I like the warrior poses. Those are my favorite.

Tia: I like bends. Humans look funny with their head near the ground.

Carrma: Me and my human like to hold space for the others. It’s an important job, you know.

Khepera: I want my butt scratched. I can usually get a gullible human to do that for me.

Camilla: Friday! Friday! Wheee! Wait. How many days away is Friday?

Khepera: I dunno. Oh, look. Maybe if I tug the hose just right I’ll get some hay with it. -yank-yank-

Capria: Move over, kid. I want some too.

The beginning…

Carrma: Hey guys. My human thinks we should have a blog.

 Khepera: What’s a blog?

 Carrma: It’s something typed up on a computer.

 Khepera: -paws ground- We can’t type.

 Carrma: That’s the human’s job. We just talk.

 Khepera: ‘Bout what? HEY. GO AWAY! –nips at Camilla-

 Carrma: Ahem. As I was saying—

 Gabriella: I like your human. She gives me cookies.

 Carrma: I like my human too. She gives me massages. But about the blog—

 Capria: I know what a blog is. My human has one. She writes about horses on a blog she shares with a bunch of her writer friends.

 Carrma: Yep. Exactly. But this one is going to be a little different.

 Camilla: Different how?

 Pandora: Does my human get to play too?

 Carrma: Well, my human says all our friends—horse and human—can stop by. It’s not going to be just about us.

 Pooka: Isn’t it? –preens- -hangs out happy tongue- HI GIRLS!

 Pandora, Tia, Gabriella: -swoon- Hi pretty boy!

 Carrma: -sigh- So about that blog—

 Khepera: Look! Look! Human is coming! It’s lunchtime! –bangs hoof on fence- FEED ME!

 Capria: Ahem. I’m first in line.

 Camilla, Ephiny, Tia: ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!

 Carrma: – wanders to the back of the lunch line- Ah, well. I guess we’ll figure out this blog thing later.

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