Horse Assisted Yoga

There are several locations which offer yoga with horses as a prop or assistant, but White Horse Yoga offers something truly unique–yoga within a herd of Lipizzans. The horses are not trained to do this; instead, they freely offer their assistance and their own unique form of insight, offering moments of quiet introspection as well as humor and affection. The horses may offer a gentle nudge of assistance, do a bend right along with a human, or lie down for a forty-five minute nap. Each interaction is different and unique, and the humans walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves and the horses.

White Horse Yoga takes place in Vail, Arizona (just south of Tucson) on the third Friday of the month. The sessions can accomodate a small group of people of any age. No yoga or horse experience is necessary. Sessions run from approximately fifty minutes to whenever the horses decide it’s over. Cost is $15 per person. White Horse Yoga is also available by arrangement for individual sessions or groups.

If you would like to attend, or would like more information, please contact yoga instructor Jenny Kendall (jennykendall at mac dot com) or farm owner Judith Tarr (capriole at gmail dot com ).

Please note, this is a herd with multiple family connections within it and the horses are very people aware and oriented. This type of interaction may not necessarily be recommended with other herds.


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