That kickstarter thing

Capria: So my human is doing a Kickstarter project.

Tia: I like to kick. I like to start everyone kicking too.

Carrma: Yeah. My human still has a knot on her leg from you. -glares-

Tia: -pouts- If she wouldn’t have whacked me on the butt, I wouldn’t have kicked her.

Capria: Ahem. So my human is seeking funding to rewrite and publish a book called Living in Threes

Gabriella: Hey! Look at the video! I’m the star. I even got my cues right. -preens-

Pooka: That’s my darling. I like this idea about kicking. I can kick too!

Carrma: Yeah. My human has a dent in her other leg from you, kid.

Pooka: -mumble mumble- Didn’t mean to. -mumble mumble- Boy this hay is good…

Capria: SO. My human is also giving out nifty prizes like e-book copies, art, and even an appearance in the novel.

Gabriella: I hear there’s even going to be a white horse in there. Probably me.

Camilla: I wanna be in the book! I’m GOOD at kicking! Outta my way, Gabriella!

Gabriella: Um, leaving now…

Khepera: Hey Carrma. I thought you kicked your human once too.

Carrma: Oh. Um. Well. She jabbed her toe in my stomach while mounting. I couldn’t help it. Oh, look, a stray piece of hay. Nom nom.

Capria: So we’re going to tell all the other humans to help, right? RIGHT?

Herd: Yes, ma’am. Go, humans, go!

Capria: Good. Now maybe my human will stop that writing thing long enough to feed us lunch…