Evey Brett’s New Book: CAPRIOLE

Carrma: Hey, look. My human has a new e-book out. It’s called Capriole from a publisher named Loose Id.

Capria: I’m a star in the book. See that horse on the cover? That’s supposed to be me. -preens-  This book wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for us.

Khepera: Hey! I’m in the book too.

Tia: I get a cameo. I get to kick things.

Carrma: And look, my human put together a video with all of us.

Pooka: I look sooooo studly. I am going to get soooo many girls. And cookies!

Capria: Yeah, yeah. I’m featured. That’s what matters.

Khepera: Me too!

Carrma: Yes. Well. Why don’t we let the nice humans watch and then buy the book if they want to?