The Herd

We’re a herd of nine Lipizzans who live near Tucson. We want to educate humans about yoga with horses (where WE teach and the human teacher is more of a facilitator.) We enjoy having all sorts of humans come and visit whether it’s for a single session or a few days.

Being Lipizzans, we  just might put on some Airs and dance for you…

We are:

Pluto Carrma III (aka Pooka): The Stallion





Carrma: Pooka and Camilla’s mom, semi-retired Arranger of the Universe




Camilla: War Mare, Story Mare, and Carrma’s daughter




Capria: Alpha Mare and the one who started it all, Khepera’s mom




Khepera: Gelding, enjoys causing trouble and keeping the ladies in line




Gabriella: Rescue Mare, mom to Ephiny and Tia




Ephiny: Looking for her human, enjoys teasing her sister




Tia: The baby of the bunch, enjoys chasing Carrma and Gabriella




Pandora: A Lady of Size who knows how to have a good time





Our Humans:

Judith Tarr–writer, breeder and trainer







Jenny Kendall–Yoga teacher











Evey Brett–a writer, photographer and farm assistant who wouldn’t be in Arizona if it weren’t for Carrma deciding she wanted a human of her own.


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