Bon Voyage

Evey: So, Carrma, I’m going to be away for a few days–

Carrma: Uh-huh. Bye, human.

Evey: But, um, won’t you miss me?

Carrma: I’ll miss my second breakfast. And my walkies. But Yoga Human and I will be busy plotting.

Evey: Plotting what?

Carrma: That’s for us to know and everybody else to maybe find out later.

Evey: Well, fine. Whatever floats your boat.

Carrma: -stares- Human, I live in the desert. Why ever would I need a boat?

Evey: During monsoon season? It gets pretty muddy around here.

Carrma: You’re weird, human.

Ephiny: And so there I was during White Horse Yoga with my adoring fan club all around me…

Ephiny: Such cute little humans. Someday I want a one of my very own.

Carrma: Humans are a nice thing to have around.

Evey: Ohhhh, so you ARE going to miss me?

Carrma: Maybe. Bring me back a present.

Evey: I’ll think about it.

Ephiny: Bring me back a human. Like this one.

Evey: I’ll try, dear. Are you sure you won’t miss me Carrma?

Carrma: Well. Maybe a little. Now take me for a walk. I want to eat some bushes.

Evey: You’re not supposed to eat all those bushes.

Carrma: That’s why I only do it when you’re not looking.



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