Gabriella: Oooh! Treat, please! -crooks leg-

Evey: Here you go, dear.

Carrma: -stares- Where’s mine?

Evey: Just a minute. I’ll get there.

Gabriella: Me me me!

Evey: You already got some. Here, Carrma! Quick!

Carrma: -snatch and grab- Nom nom.


Gabriella: Ah, human. I see you are passing by with the pitchfork in your cart. You may use it to scratch me. -poses-

Evey: At your service, your highness. -scritch scritch scritch-


Carrma: And here I am taking my human for a walk. Ooh, that bush looks good.

Evey: No, dear, please don’t eat that bush.

Carrma: You’re no fun. Hmm. I want to go down this street.

Evey: Really? We haven’t gone this far before.

Carrma: I feel like being Adventure Pony today.

Evey: Then off we go.


Herd: Mine! Mine! Mine!

Evey: Hey, now. One at a time. Tia, stop chasing your mother. I’d rather not get run over.

Tia: -mumble mumble- MY HAY. MINE!

Gabriella: Eeek! -runs-

Carrma: -stares-

Evey: Yes, dear, what can I do for you?

Carrma: -stares- Everyone else has big piles of hay and they left me with scraps.

Evey: Here’s a little more, then.

Carrma: Ha ha ha. I’ve got my human trained to read my mind.


Tia: If I put my head in the tub when the human walks by, hay will magically appear.

Evey: -tosses hay-

Tia: Yep, there it is. Nom nom.


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