Happy 25th, Carrma!

Carrma: Huuuuuman, it’s my birthday. You should buy me one of these compression suits.


Evey: -gapes-

Carrma: I’m partial to the red. Black would be too hot here in the desert.

Evey: Tell you what. Get me a big book contract and I’ll get you one. Right now it’s out of the budget.

Carrma: Hmmm. Carrots are in your budget, aren’t they? Where are my carrots?

Evey: Gee, I dunno. You didn’t get me carrots for my birthday.

Carrma: -stares-

Evey: Fair is fair, you know.

Carrma: Huuuuuman, you can’t fool me. There is something behind your back.

Evey: Nah, it’s just a plastic bag.

Carrma: A plastic bag with carrots. -lickchewlickchew-

Evey:  What do you say?

Carrma: -stares- -paws ground-

Evey: Fine. Here you go.

Carrma: Nom nom nom. More please?

Evey: Well, okay. It’s your birthday, after all.

Carrma: -nom nom nom- I should get one for each of my 25 years. And then some more.

Evey: Ummmmmm…..

Camilla: -bangs hoof on fence- Me too, me too!

Tia & Ephiny: And us! 

Capria: Out of the way. Move it. Me first. -crooks leg-

Evey: Ummmmmm….


Evey: -hands out carrots-

Gabriella, hovering at rear: Don’t forget me, please.

Evey: Of course not. Meet you on the far side.

Gabriella: Nom nom. Thank you.

Carrma: You forgot me. Where are my carrots?

Evey: Here you go–hey wait!

Carrma: Heh. Human is so gullible.


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