Horse Cookies

Carrma: I like going for a walk. My human always gives me a treat at the end. -nom nom-

Khepera: -bangs hoof on fence- Where’s mine?

Evey: Sorry, dude. You don’t get one.

Khepera: I’m sure you must have an extra cookie for me.

Evey: No, really, I don’t. -holds out empty palms-

Khepera: -licks palms- Theytastelike cookies. You must have one somewhere. In that pocket, perhaps?

Evey: Nope.

Khepera: But there is somethingin that pocket. It must be a cookie.

Evey: That’s my phone. Now go away!

Camilla: Mom got a cookie. I want one. You must have one.

Evey: -sigh- No, really, no cookies. See?

Camilla: -licks Evey’s hands- Hmm. Not there. In your pocket, maybe?

Evey: No, not in my pocket. Not anywhere. Leave me alone!

Khepera: Hmm. Camilla was licking your hands. You must have given her a cookie. I want one too. -lick lick lick-

Evey: EWWW. I’ve been slimed. No, I didn’t have a cookie and I still don’t have one now!

Khepera: Is it in this pocket? Or this pocket? Or in your shirt pocket?

Evey: No, no, and no!

Capria: Khepera was licking your hand. You must have a cookie. -crooks leg-

Evey: No! No cookies! Everyone stop asking!

Herd: WE WANT COOKIES! GIVE US COOKIES! -stares with baleful eyes-

Evey: -sticks fingers in ears- La la la, I’m not listening, I’m going home now…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tori
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 18:39:56

    Clear evidence of why it’s just safer to ALWAYS BRING COOKIES. 😉


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