Evey: So, Carrma, ready for your walk?

Carrma: Nope. I’d rather finish my second breakfast.

Evey: Please?

Carrma: Well, if you insist. Just one last mouthful. Ah. Okay. Off we go!

Evey: Nice day, isn’t it? Sunny. A bit of a breeze. Watch that cactus, there.

Carrma, head up, ears pointed: Human. COYOTE! Right there on the road!

Evey: Oooh, neat. Hi coyote!

Coyote, looking at Carrma and Evey: Oh hai. Just passing through. Don’t mind me. -trots off-

Neighborhood dogs: Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

Carrma: EEEEK. We’re going home RIGHT NOW.

Evey: But he’s gone–

Carrma: RIGHT NOW, human. -hauls Evey back toward arena-

Evey: Don’t you want to finish your walk?

Carrma: Not when there are dangerous critters about. We go home NOW!

Evey: Okay, okay.

Carrma, near gate: I still get a treat, right?

Evey: Well, I suppose so.

Carrma: Nom nom nom.

Tia, at gate: Me too! Me too!

Evey: Sorry, dear. Not today.

Tia: Pooh. -wanders off-

Carrma: Ahh. Safe at home. Oh look, pieces of hay. And more hay. Ooh, look…

Evey: Bye, dear.


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