Gullible human

Gabriella: Ah. Human. I see you are passing by with a pitchfork in the wheelbarrow. You know what you may do with that pitchfork, right? -poses-

Evey: Ah. Yes, your highness. -uses pitchfork to give G scritchies-

Gabriella: Thank you, human. Carry on. -goes to look for hay-

Ephiny, head over fence: You’re not leaving, are you, human?

Evey: Yes, dear. Time for me to go home.

Ephiny: But human, I’m certain you’ve forgotten something. -bats big pretty eyes-

Evey: No, I don’t think so.

Ephiny: I’m sure you have. -stares-

Evey: No, I’m not going to give you a cookie.

Ephiny: -stares-

Evey: No, I’m not–okay, I give up. Have a cookie.

Tia and Camilla: MINE! MINE! MINE!

Evey: Okay. You two too. And Capria. And Khepera.

Pooka: I’m cute I get one too! -sticks out tongue-

Evey: And Pooka.

Carrma: -stares-

Evey: I gave you two already, but here. And one for Pandora. And one for Gabriella.

Herd: -lickchewlickchew-

Evey, finally leaving: I’m not making a habit of this!

Carrma: Wanna bet?


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