Evey, in arena: -shakes halter- Hey Carrma!

Carrma: -looks up from hay- Oh HI human! Be right there. -wanders around other horses to reach human-

Evey: Good girl! You’re such a smart horse! -takes Carrma into grooming area-

Carrma: Ain’t I, though? Nom nom, second breakfast.

Evey: And you’re so nice and white and fuzzy. Foot, please.

Carrma: Here you go. And the next one. Nope, don’t want to lift that one, but you can have this one.

Evey: All of them, dear.

Carrma: If you insist. There. Time for our walk, human.

Evey: Yep. Walk! Hey. No stopping to much the bushes. That means that one. And that one. Though I will take you to your favorite tree for a bite.

Carrma: -lickchewlickchew-

Evey: Good girl. Nice walk. Cookie?

Carrma: COOKIE!

Ephiny, by gate: Ahem.

Evey: Here you go. Oh, wait. I thought you were your mother.

Ephiny: Mmmmm. Cookie. -goes zen-

Evey: You’re welcome, dear, but will you move so Carrma can get out?

Ephiny: Mmmm. Cooookie.

Carrma: I’m not going back out that way. See you, human.

Evey, locking gate: HEY! Wait for me! We’ll go around to the other gate, okay?

Carrma: Yep. You’re almost as smart as me, human.

Evey: There. You want a massage?

Carrma: Nope. I’d rather look for leftover hay. Bye, human.


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  1. Rick Kirka
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 00:33:13

    Ask your human, and her other writer friends, to develop a LOLcat-like dialect for horses and ponies. I’m sure “nom” is perfectly acceptable as-is, but how about “wokkies” for “walkies”? Gotta let all the humans who read this know that it’s really the horse talking, and the human just supplies the keyboard work.

    Scritchies all around for having achieved blog. 🙂


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