Camilla: The humans are coming! The humans are coming!

Pooka: Good. They can admire me. -sticks tongue out-

Camilla: We’re doing yoga this Friday! Wheee! If it weren’t for me they wouldn’t be here at all.

Khepera: -snap- You mean if it weren’t for me they wouldn’t be here. I’m the one that brought the yoga human out to teach the younger human, remember?

Camilla: -pouts- I’m the one who asked her to come back. I’m the story pony. Yoga human said so.

Pandora: I’m the guru. She said that too. I showed her how we horses release our psoas by relaxing one hoof and she taught her humans how to do the same thing.

Camilla: I like the warrior poses. Those are my favorite.

Tia: I like bends. Humans look funny with their head near the ground.

Carrma: Me and my human like to hold space for the others. It’s an important job, you know.

Khepera: I want my butt scratched. I can usually get a gullible human to do that for me.

Camilla: Friday! Friday! Wheee! Wait. How many days away is Friday?

Khepera: I dunno. Oh, look. Maybe if I tug the hose just right I’ll get some hay with it. -yank-yank-

Capria: Move over, kid. I want some too.


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