Capria: Today is my human’s birthday.

Khepera: Oooh. That means carrots.

Capria: We get carrots on our birthdays. Not human birthdays.

Khepera: I still want carrots. Think she’ll give us carrots anyway?

Capria: I’m going to give her a ride, and Pooka’s not going to wreck the fence. RIGHT, Pooka?

Pooka: No. Well, maybe not. Depends on how excited I get about the girls. Right, ladies? -sticks tongue out-

Pandora, Gabriella, Tia: -swoon-

Capria: HEY! Everybody behave and treat the human nice today, okay?

Herd: Okay!


Gullible human

Gabriella: Ah. Human. I see you are passing by with a pitchfork in the wheelbarrow. You know what you may do with that pitchfork, right? -poses-

Evey: Ah. Yes, your highness. -uses pitchfork to give G scritchies-

Gabriella: Thank you, human. Carry on. -goes to look for hay-

Ephiny, head over fence: You’re not leaving, are you, human?

Evey: Yes, dear. Time for me to go home.

Ephiny: But human, I’m certain you’ve forgotten something. -bats big pretty eyes-

Evey: No, I don’t think so.

Ephiny: I’m sure you have. -stares-

Evey: No, I’m not going to give you a cookie.

Ephiny: -stares-

Evey: No, I’m not–okay, I give up. Have a cookie.

Tia and Camilla: MINE! MINE! MINE!

Evey: Okay. You two too. And Capria. And Khepera.

Pooka: I’m cute I get one too! -sticks out tongue-

Evey: And Pooka.

Carrma: -stares-

Evey: I gave you two already, but here. And one for Pandora. And one for Gabriella.

Herd: -lickchewlickchew-

Evey, finally leaving: I’m not making a habit of this!

Carrma: Wanna bet?


Evey, in arena: -shakes halter- Hey Carrma!

Carrma: -looks up from hay- Oh HI human! Be right there. -wanders around other horses to reach human-

Evey: Good girl! You’re such a smart horse! -takes Carrma into grooming area-

Carrma: Ain’t I, though? Nom nom, second breakfast.

Evey: And you’re so nice and white and fuzzy. Foot, please.

Carrma: Here you go. And the next one. Nope, don’t want to lift that one, but you can have this one.

Evey: All of them, dear.

Carrma: If you insist. There. Time for our walk, human.

Evey: Yep. Walk! Hey. No stopping to much the bushes. That means that one. And that one. Though I will take you to your favorite tree for a bite.

Carrma: -lickchewlickchew-

Evey: Good girl. Nice walk. Cookie?

Carrma: COOKIE!

Ephiny, by gate: Ahem.

Evey: Here you go. Oh, wait. I thought you were your mother.

Ephiny: Mmmmm. Cookie. -goes zen-

Evey: You’re welcome, dear, but will you move so Carrma can get out?

Ephiny: Mmmm. Cooookie.

Carrma: I’m not going back out that way. See you, human.

Evey, locking gate: HEY! Wait for me! We’ll go around to the other gate, okay?

Carrma: Yep. You’re almost as smart as me, human.

Evey: There. You want a massage?

Carrma: Nope. I’d rather look for leftover hay. Bye, human.

Camilla: The humans are coming! The humans are coming!

Pooka: Good. They can admire me. -sticks tongue out-

Camilla: We’re doing yoga this Friday! Wheee! If it weren’t for me they wouldn’t be here at all.

Khepera: -snap- You mean if it weren’t for me they wouldn’t be here. I’m the one that brought the yoga human out to teach the younger human, remember?

Camilla: -pouts- I’m the one who asked her to come back. I’m the story pony. Yoga human said so.

Pandora: I’m the guru. She said that too. I showed her how we horses release our psoas by relaxing one hoof and she taught her humans how to do the same thing.

Camilla: I like the warrior poses. Those are my favorite.

Tia: I like bends. Humans look funny with their head near the ground.

Carrma: Me and my human like to hold space for the others. It’s an important job, you know.

Khepera: I want my butt scratched. I can usually get a gullible human to do that for me.

Camilla: Friday! Friday! Wheee! Wait. How many days away is Friday?

Khepera: I dunno. Oh, look. Maybe if I tug the hose just right I’ll get some hay with it. -yank-yank-

Capria: Move over, kid. I want some too.

The beginning…

Carrma: Hey guys. My human thinks we should have a blog.

 Khepera: What’s a blog?

 Carrma: It’s something typed up on a computer.

 Khepera: -paws ground- We can’t type.

 Carrma: That’s the human’s job. We just talk.

 Khepera: ‘Bout what? HEY. GO AWAY! –nips at Camilla-

 Carrma: Ahem. As I was saying—

 Gabriella: I like your human. She gives me cookies.

 Carrma: I like my human too. She gives me massages. But about the blog—

 Capria: I know what a blog is. My human has one. She writes about horses on a blog she shares with a bunch of her writer friends.

 Carrma: Yep. Exactly. But this one is going to be a little different.

 Camilla: Different how?

 Pandora: Does my human get to play too?

 Carrma: Well, my human says all our friends—horse and human—can stop by. It’s not going to be just about us.

 Pooka: Isn’t it? –preens- -hangs out happy tongue- HI GIRLS!

 Pandora, Tia, Gabriella: -swoon- Hi pretty boy!

 Carrma: -sigh- So about that blog—

 Khepera: Look! Look! Human is coming! It’s lunchtime! –bangs hoof on fence- FEED ME!

 Capria: Ahem. I’m first in line.

 Camilla, Ephiny, Tia: ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!

 Carrma: – wanders to the back of the lunch line- Ah, well. I guess we’ll figure out this blog thing later.